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“Juliana brings her unique style into everything she does. Such a great talent and songwriter. Working with her on production has been incredible. I see great things ahead for her!” 

-Skidd Mills, Skiddco Music


“Working with Juliana was a joy! Talented and a hard worker. Loved my time with her.” 

-Tom Jackson, Onstage Success

“I was skeptical at first, as any studio can make an artist sound great... then I heard her voice during sound check and the hair on my arms stood straight up and from there I was a believer!” 

-Ryan Darnell, 3Thirteen Entertainment


“Writing Overrated with Juliana was a blast.  She is very open to letting songs breathe and go to epic places! Today’s music needs more of that.” 

-Noah Henson, DredRock Music

“I'm so glad to be a part of the Juliana Hale team! Skidd Mills and I had a blast producing this project. Everyone who lays their ear on this record is going to love it! World get ready for JH!” 

-Billy Dawson, Recording Artist

They say every dream starts with a dreamer, and Juliana Hale is nothing short of that. As a Nashville-based Pop recording artist, she has surrounded herself with talented, award winning producers, coaches and writing partners to help her grow and reach those dreams. She recently returned to her home state and began recording in Los Angeles with Grammy winner Jared Lee Gosselin creating a more pop/electronic sound than she’s previously recorded. This direction is very clear with the release of her new music in 2019, starting with the dance-able beat of “One Last Time” and following up with the current release through eOne of the moody and electric “Dangerous.”

“Dangerous” is a hard hitting song about a toxic relationship. Juliana describes the song as “I wanted the production to sonically sound dangerous to really add fuel to the storyline, so we used darker chords paired with guitar stabs in the chorus. Lyrically, Skidd Mills and I wanted to paint the picture of a dangerous relationship at that point where you realize that’s it’s bad for both of you but neither of you want to leave. I think the concept of “Dangerous” is something a lot of people can relate to. It’s about both literally dangerous people and dangerous relationships. Girls are attracted to bad boys and vice versa, and that whole risky feeling is fun for a while. In the end, that’s not a relationship you should be in, but “Dangerous” is just the first part of the story.”

Nowhere does Juliana Hale shine brighter than when she takes the stage, fans can see her passion for music shine through. Hale has performed at a variety of events including the Leather & Laces Super Bowl pre-party hosted by Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy, performing alongside Flo Rida. Her touring schedule this past year has included many festivals; Breakaway, Hawgfest, Freaky Deaky, SXSW, Common Ground, and Numbers Fest, along with an array of shows at iconic Nashville venues including Wildhorse, Exit In, Rocketown, Hard Rock Café, Margaritaville, Alley Taps and BB Kings. She recently opened for Marianas Trench

during their US Tour across Texas clubs.

From the first time she held a guitar, Juliana Hale knew she had an all-consuming love for making music. At the age of eight, she was singing, writing and playing for anyone who would listen. Growing up, Juliana Hale spent her time performing in local talent shows and community events before her family decided to move her dream from California to Nashville, where her musical journey took flight. In 2013 Hale’s dreams hit an unexpected roadblock. She started experiencing a chronic intestinal disorder that would control her life for the next two years, leaving her feeling sick and isolated from her peers. These health issues not only affected Hale’s social life but also her music. Her dreams were put on hold as she sought answers and treatment options. During this time, Hale spent countless hours with vocal coaches working to find her sound and heal her instrument, which had been destroyed by esophagitis.

“When I look back on this time where I was struggling, I can see God’s hand and realize there was a blessing waiting for me, I just had to be patient enough to find it. During my sickness, I had plenty of time to write music. I wrote over 250 songs during those two years. I played my guitar until my fingers bled and the callouses thickened. I became a much more skilled musician and I knew that I was going to beat whatever this ‘thing’ was that was stealing my health and dreams. I was determined to get out there and share my music with the world,” says Hale.

Hale’s sickness eventually ended in surgery, getting her health back on track. Her life was no longer consumed by sickness and she was ready to continue pursuing her dreams. In October of 2016, Hale got back into the studio to record her EP, appropriately titled, TIME and in 2017 she released the EP Small Talk produced by Grammy winner, Skidd Mills. In 2019 her new singles have been included on hundreds of playlists and played in thousands of stores nationwide and her next EP will release in 2020.


Juliana Hale is a talented multi-instrumentalist, playing not only guitar, but also piano, ukulele, bass and flute. As a songwriter, Hale has over 1,000 songs in her repertoire. She is currently sponsored by Shure Microphones and Taylor Guitars.