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“Juliana brings her unique style into everything she does. Such a great talent and songwriter. Working with her on production has been incredible. I see great things ahead for her!” 

-Skidd Mills, Skiddco Music


“Working with Juliana was a joy! Talented and a hard worker. Loved my time with her.” 

-Tom Jackson, Onstage Success

“I was skeptical at first, as any studio can make an artist sound great... then I heard her voice during sound check and the hair on my arms stood straight up and from there I was a believer!” 

-Ryan Darnell, 3Thirteen Entertainment


“Writing Overrated with Juliana was a blast.  She is very open to letting songs breathe and go to epic places! Today’s music needs more of that.” 

-Noah Henson, DredRock Music

“I'm so glad to be a part of the Juliana Hale team! Skidd Mills and I had a blast producing this project. Everyone who lays their ear on this record is going to love it! World get ready for JH!” 

-Billy Dawson, Recording Artist

The sensational sound, empowered vibes, and positive mindset driving the incredible music of solo artist Juliana Hale can all be traced directly to a lifetime spent immersed in the craft, and her true dedication to the art of making music. By the time she was only eight years old, Juliana had already established her unique connection as she wrote, sang, and performed for family & friends as she grew up in California – today, Hale is entertaining millions of fans around the world with new content, music and videos online.

Her road to success was never easy – and just as things appeared to be on the right track, they derailed. After a pivotal move that relocated her whole family to Nashville in full support of her dreams, Juliana developed a crippling illness known as Gastroparesis and Barrett's Esophagus that not only threatened her voice, but her dreams of becoming an artist altogether. For most people, that would have been the moment to officially throw in the towel & choose a different vocation – but that was never an option for Juliana – instead, her setback strengthened her resolve & illuminated the pathway forward more clearly than ever before. While she spent the vast majority of 2015-2017 rehabilitating her immaculate voice with professional vocal coaches – at the very same time, she also laid the groundwork for the future to follow by writing over 250 new songs.

While there will never be a full recovery, Juliana emerged with a new lease on life itself, more determined than ever before. Having refined her talents even further than her previous potential before the onset of Hale’s illness – she stepped into the studio to record her debut set of songs & reintroduced her stunning voice to the world. Immediately drawing the attention of Pop music fans all over the map, as well as noteworthy names in the industry – Juliana surged into the next phase of her career, 100% ready to make every moment count. 

Through singles like “Hold Me” and “Crazy” released with its video over the years to follow, Juliana’s vocals and music shined brighter than ever before as she embraced the role in the spotlight she was always destined to reach. As her style of sound expanded creatively, adding an Electro-based edge to her songs, Hale was thriving on charts and playlists around the globe online, while also rocking major events, festivals & feature showcases locally in Nashville, and live all across the nation. With over 1000 songs in her catalog to-date to pull from, Juliana has never been short on captivating material to charm & thrill the crowds in front of her, which she’s proven time & again through her riotous performances at festivals like Ubbi Dubbi, Freaky Deaky, and Common Ground, in addition to supporting Mariana’s Trench on their US tour, & sharing stages with massive industry titans like Halsey, and the one & only Snoop Dogg.

A genuine light in the dark with the undeniable X-factor – Hale is the future of Pop music in the present day. From dominating the airwaves to independent movie roles, including a prominent role of Tiny in "And You Call Yourself A Christian" movie – Juliana is carving out her own legacy in entertainment; she’s doing everything exactly the way she wants to do it, in full control of her destiny. With her first production deal on the table she is currently in the studio recording a new EP.

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